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a.1.See Calisthenic, Calisthenics.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(12) While children attending Miss Sternberg's School may not all have been middle and upper-middle class, an article in Toronto's Saturday Night from May 16, 1896 that Sternberg quoted in one of her brochures asserts that "a great many of the children in Miss Sternberg's callisthenic classes belong to society papas and mamas" ("Brochures").
They will hold energizing warm-up callisthenic sessions to kick off the walk.
This elision of the manual and the mechanical continues in the Medeic Callisthenic Moves, 1980-81, a set of densely layered textile collages "colored" with a sewing machine.
Built around a series of challenges that assesses pure, functional fitness through callisthenic motion using only body weight and simple gear, each Test of Will competitor will have to complete a 4-minute circuit testing his or her balance, speed, agility and power.
However, in the present study, the callisthenic intervention was inefficient in promoting changes in the subjects' BMI, as was the general Physical Education program.
In the struggle over definition in the emerging field of physical education, educators like Gulick embraced the moral and civic purposes articulated by other Progressive Era educators, pushing the callisthenic and physical fitness arguments to the margins (Spring 1974).