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n.1.A plant coif or skullcap. Same as Calotte.
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It threw out a reddish, unequal light, sometimes brilliant, sometimes dull, and the tall shadow of the lieutenant was seen marching on the wall, in profile, like a figure by Callot, with his long sword and feathered hat.
For this new edition adds to the original merits of the work the very substantial charm of abundant illustrations, first-rate in subject and execution, and of three kinds--copper-plate likenesses of actors and other personages connected with theatrical history; a series of delicate, picturesque, highly detailed woodcuts of theatrical topography, chiefly the little old theatres; and, by way of tail-pieces to the chapters, a second series of woodcuts of a vigour and reality of information, within very limited compass, which make one think of Callot and the German [76] "little masters," depicting Garrick and other famous actors in their favourite scenes.
In the streets the lively crowd is dressed in the most fantastic costumes -- gigantic cabbages walk gravely about, buffaloes' heads below from men's shoulders, dogs walk on their hind legs; in the midst of all this a mask is lifted, and, as in Callot's Temptation of St.
Were we not in the fifteenth century, we would say that Gringoire had descended from Michael Angelo to Callot.
Although Parcours is a fair in all but name, it has more the atmosphere of a festival, as people and conversations spill out of the gallery spaces clustered around the rue Jacques Callot on to the streets and into the neighbourhood cafes (participating galleries are easily identified by orange flags and pavement markers, and the Parcours handbook carries a map).
The exhibition includes depictions of Pablo Picasso and works in the grand, global tradition of political art by such artists as Jacques Callot, Leopoldo Mendez, and Francisco de Goya, as well as modern and contemporary American artists, including Alexander Calder, Enrique Chagoya, Shepard Fairey, Kerry James Marshall, Juan Fuentes, Favianna Rodriguez, and Helen Zughaib, among others.
L'accord, signe par le president de la FRMC Mohamed Belmahi et son homologue francais Michel Callot, ambitionne d'approfondir la cooperation entre les deux parties dans divers aspects lies au developpement et a l'elargissement de la pratique de la discipline.
From Renaissance caricatures by European artists Jacques Callot and Francesco Melzi, to comic etchings by satirist William Hogarth, to droll cultural critiques by R.
French writer Amelie Callot makes her English debut with the charming tale of Adele, a spirited small-town girl who owns the Polka-Dot Apron cafe.
Hinsinger P, Barros ONF, Benedetti MF, Noack Y, Callot G (2001) Plant-induced weathering of a basaltic rock: experimental evidence.