Calluna vulgaris

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Noun1.Calluna vulgaris - common Old World heath represented by many varietiesCalluna vulgaris - common Old World heath represented by many varieties; low evergreen grown widely in the northern hemisphere
heath - a low evergreen shrub of the family Ericaceae; has small bell-shaped pink or purple flowers
Calluna, genus Calluna - one species
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And for longlasting effects, choose bud heathers or Calluna vulgaris varieties that have good leaf colour.
Mae'r priddoedd yma'n denau a sur a'r prif lystyfiant ydi grug yr ysgub (Calluna vulgaris; Heather), llus (Vaccinium myrtillus; Bilberry) a'r crawcwellt neu'r gawnen ddu (Nardus stricta; Matgrass).
Some species (Juniperus communis, Calluna vulgaris and Loiseleuria procumbens) were positively selected only on the EAST side (Table 6).
Assessment of antiradical potential of Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull and its major flavonoid.
and Calluna vulgaris, as well as spores of the mosses Pohlia nutans, Dicranella cerviculata, and Polytrichum longisetum are viable.
Even so, whereas Calluna vulgaris will not tolerate lime at all, Erica vagans is not quite so fussy.
In sites with intense accumulation of peat, Sphagnum hummocks disconnected from the soil water table can develop and evolve to dryer conditions favorable for the settling of Calluna vulgaris and Polytrichum commune.
Go for heather calluna vulgaris Annemarie, with pale pink buds that deepen as they open and are set off by pinkflowering cyclamen hederifolium, with marbled leaves to lighten the scheme.
Go for the heather Calluna vulgaris 'Annemarie', with pale pink buds which deepen as they open and are set off by pink-flowering Cyclamen hederifolium, with its pretty marbled leaves to lighten the scheme.