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n. pl. Calusa or Ca·lu·sas
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting the southwest coast of Florida from Tampa Bay to the Florida Keys. The Calusa were extinct by the mid-1700s.
2. The extinct language of the Calusa, of unknown linguistic affiliation.

[Calusa, fierce people (sense uncertain); perhaps akin to Choctaw kallo, strong.]
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Peck is very involved in the community and is a director of the Caloosa Humane Society Inc.'s Board of Directors and previously served as the Caloosa Humane Society's pro bono legal counsel.
According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, Dillen Murrary, 16, was taken into custody after he admitted to beating his friend, Giovanni Diaz, 15, several times with a baseball bat in the woods behind their neighborhood at Caloosa and Lake Boulevards. Judd ( added that the beating took place just after 3 p.m.
(IL) and Caloosa (FL) Audubon Clubs and participated in annual Christmas bird counts into her 90's.
At the Caloosa Cove Resort and Marina, concrete pilings meant to hold the dock in place had been knocked sideways, and three manatees lolled in the water, drinking from an outflow pump spitting water from the dockside.
And before that it was prime hunting and fishing grounds for the Caloosa tribe, as evidenced by the heaped shell middens that give the property its high elevation.
In lieu of flowers donations can be made in Richards name to the Caloosa Humane Society, 1200 Pratt Blvd, PO Box 2337, LaBelle, FL 33935
It is the story of a nearly forgotten group of Indians nicknamed "The Shell Indians"--properly though, called the Calusa (or Caloosa) who lived primarily on the sandy shores of the southwest coast of Florida.
Caloosa (2.10 Beverley) Got off the mark when winning a modest event at Thirsk and thought to have plenty going for him in this follow-up bid.
The Caloosa Belle, the newspaper serving his hometown, regularly printed letters from citizens complaining about daytime shootouts occurring at a downtown bar between Flores and ex- or alienated guards who had worked with him.
Which is probably why the native Caloosa Indians called it Kissimmee in the first place - it means Heaven's Place.
The three weeklies are the Marco Island Eagle, Wauchula Democrat and Caloosa Belle.
The meeting will be held at Blue Coyote Business & Social Club, 9854 Caloosa Yacht and Racquet Club Drive, Fort Myers from 11:30 a.m.