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Because it does not store water like a traditional shell-and-tube storage calorifier, which must store water at 60[degrees]C or higher to aid the prevention of Legionella growth, less energy is needed to heat the water.
"What we have is a microprocessor control on the calorifier itself, which gives a signal on requirement, so it doesn't switch on the boiler unless there's a requirement.
The whole plant simulation model was developed using TRNSYS (SEL 2000), which adopted the Davidon-Fletcher-Powell algorithm (Powell 1964) for solving a set of nonlinear equations from the simulation components, especially the thermal solar collector and hot-water calorifier. The flat plate collector was selected and installed at one single orientation of the building.
Lister Marine's Alpha diesel engines are equipped with standard features including a Hurth reversing gearbox with 2:1 reduction, 12 V starter motor, 55 amp marine alternator, heat exchanger, water-cooled exhaust manifold, raw and fresh water pumps, calorifier connections, fuel filter with water trap, self-bleed fuel system, fuel lift pump, individual fuel injection pump for each cylinder, high level oil filler, and dipstick and sump drain pump.
If storing water at 60 [degrees] C is not practical or acceptable or the calorifier is not in use for 1 week or more, raising the temperature of the calorifier water to 70 [degrees] C to 75 [degrees] C for 1 hour will kill legionellae.
Tangerine Confectionery have all the confectionery produced at the company's confectionery processing plant at Clifton Road, Blackpool, cooked using steam, which is generated by a modulating steam boiler via a calorifier. The steam is distributed via a 2 72 inch ring main to the various processing lines.
"Our old calorifier system used to give us lots of problems," says Bendick's engineer Keith Wallace.