Calvin Klein

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Noun1.Calvin Klein - United States fashion designer noted for understated fashions (born in 1942)
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We are proud that the Calvin Klein Collection business will be entrusted to Warnaco in 2008.
The Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Underwear campaign was shot by renowned fashion photographer Mikael Jansson in New York City.
Ruzow, president of the Calvin Klein Women's Better Sportswear division and EVP of Kellwood, "We are delighted to have Chris head- up the design team for the Calvin Klein Women's Better Sportswear line.
Calvin Klein Home tabletop is distributed by Swid Powell.
The AR print ads are one element of the innovative Calvin Klein Underwear campaign - the most global and digital campaign to date for the brand--in support of its latest men's introduction, Calvin Klein X Underwear.
s intention to focus on its other apparel businesses, including its ck Calvin Klein bridge sportswear line, which have been expanding over the last two years, and Kellwood's plans to concentrate its efforts on Calvin Klein women's better sportswear.
But ultimately the customer will decide, and Calvin Klein knows that.
PGB had been the European distributor for the predecessor licensee from the time that the Calvin Klein Golf brand was launched in early 2008 and presently operates Calvin Klein Golf showrooms in Cork, Ireland; London and Manchester, UK; Villamoura, Portugal; Berlin, Germany; and Costa del Sol, Spain.
For ten years, euphoria Calvin Klein advertising campaigns have artfully brought a beautiful dream to life with lustrous imagery and fantasy-like interpretation.
I came with my little brother, we came here last night, we had a nice meal, we do the show today and go home tomorrow," said the "Crimson Peak" star who first appeared for Emporio Armani 10 years before landing a gig with Calvin Klein in an interview with (http://www.
Calvin Klein's iconic, sophisticated-yet-cool style continues today in Calvin Klein Home, a licensed grouping of home furnishings including rugs, furniture and bedding.
She was 20 when she first advertised the Eternity Calvin Klein fragrance.