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 (kăl′ĭ-dŏn′, -dən)
An ancient city of west-central Greece north of the Gulf of Patras. According to legend, the Calydonian boar, a gigantic beast sent by Artemis to devastate the city, was slain by Meleager, the son of the king of Calydon.

Cal′y·do′ni·an (-dō′nē-ən, -dōn′yən) adj. & n.
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(ˈkæl ɪˌdɒn)

an ancient city in W Greece, in Aetolia.
Cal`y•do′ni•an (-ˈdoʊ ni ən, -ˈdoʊn yən) adj.
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(64) According to Homer and later writers Meleager wasted away when his mother Althea burned the brand on which his life depended, because he had slain her brothers in the dispute for the hide of the Calydonian boar.
Telamon himself was a quite well-known mythological figure: he had been one of the Argonauts, had taken part in the Calydonian Boar hunt, and had assisted Heracles in his expeditions against the Amazons and against Troy.
Clas has inherited a painting by Rubens called The Calydonian Boar Hunt, which would be worth millions on the black market.
(16.) According to his biography by Sainte-Beuve, Chateaubriand and his friend Louis de Fontanes used to promenade in the Tuileries gardens, where there stood a statue of Meleager and the Calydonian boar (II: 122).
Certain assertions emerge as unarguable: Swinburne was an extraordinarily accomplished classicist; the concerns and even the tone of his drama are consonant with those of the ancients; and the exuberance and sensual playfulness of his prosody and very likely the attitude he assigns to his Chorus (of Calydonian maidens) depart from the conventions of G reek tragedy.
Legal speaking is not the only possible area of overlap between these two kinds, either: for example, the capacity for stealthy pursuit could be employed in an open competition among contestants (like the famous hunt of the Calydonian Boar).
Bacchic priest Coresus desires Callirrhoe, a Calydonian maiden devoted
"A monster sent by the gods to ravage the vineyards" is how the Calydonian boar was described in mythologic accounts.
He was at the pinnacle of his career when he painted the fresco secco at Sherborne House which tells the story of the Calydonian Hunt from Ovid's Metamorphoses.
20 In Greek myth, the rampage of the Calydonian Boar was the revenge of which goddess for a missed sacrifice?
Written in Ferrara around the years 1447/8, the epic poem retells the ancient myth of the Calydonian boar-hunt, of the love-story between Meleager and the huntress Atalante, and of Meleager's cruel death caused by his mother Althaea.