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Noun1.Cambridge University - a university in England
Cambridge - a city in eastern England on the River Cam; site of Cambridge University
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We are astronomers; and this projectile is a room in the Cambridge University, carried into space.
The document was signed by representatives of the Cambridge English Language Assessment (Examination Council) and Cambridge University Press (Publishing House) from the British side.
Cambridge University Press said on Friday that it had complied with a request to block certain articles from The China Quarterly within China.
Cambridge University speaking to AVS students and right, Luke Lines and Luke Randall at Coventry University
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust seeks to award a contract for the provision of taxi services for patients and staff.
The CQC has now recommended that Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust be placed in special measures.
Now Tom, who went to Greenhead College, is helping prospective new students as part of a shadowing scheme organised by Cambridge University Student Union.
Founded in 1534 in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Cambridge University Press is part of the University of Cambridge.
I am absolutely delighted that, with the cooperation of the authors, the support of the McGill Law Journal, and the permission of Cambridge University Press, those papers now appear in their original French in the pages of this special issue.
William Beik, A Social and Cultural History of Early Modern France, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009, pp.
She also pointed out that the establishment of the chair at Cambridge University aims at ensuring active participation in the development of culture and mutual cooperation in the religious studies field.
Cambridge University and FH Sankt Poelten have now joined hands for a "Prehistoric Picture Project" with Weimar's Bauhaus university in Germany to recreate these films, using computer technology to establish the sequence of images and animate them like in a cartoon.

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