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(ˈkeɪmbrɪdʒˌʃɪə; -ʃə)
(Placename) a county of E England, in East Anglia: includes the former counties of the Isle of Ely and Huntingdon and lies largely in the Fens: Peterborough became an independent unitary authority in 1998. Administrative centre: Cambridge. Pop (excluding Peterborough): 571 000 (2003 est). Area (excluding Peterborough): 3068 sq km (184 sq miles)


(ˈkeɪm brɪdʒˌʃɪər, -ʃər)

a county in E England. 669,900; 1316 sq. mi. (3410 sq. km). Also called Cambridge.
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Prior to joining Staffordshire County Council in 2005, Mr Robinson was director of social services at Cambridgeshire county council, and before that, was director of social services at the London borough of Enfield.
A Cambridgeshire county council spokesman said: "Although there was no ill intent or unkindness intended, it is clear this should not have happened.
But after issuing a ticket the Cambridgeshire County Council warden noticed the vehicle's owner was slumped on the back seat.
Cambridgeshire County Council and the engineering firm BAM Nuttall have finally agreed on a programme of works to complete the building of a guided busway that is more than a year late.
This seems to be in common with Cambridgeshire County Council which wanted to introduce a 20mph limit through the village of Girton, not to reduce accidents (there weren't any), but: 'It is about changing driver culture and encouraging drivers to adopt a different attitude'.
The work by the famous artist was sold for way over its estimate by owner Cambridgeshire County Council.
A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman said the move was intended to guide cyclists away from a signpost.
At his final council meeting before leaving to become chief executive of Cambridgeshire County Council next month, Mark Lloyd said the County - and the County Council - had come a long way since he joined the authority eight years ago.
A spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council Trading Standards department - one of a number of authorities involved - said the presence of silicon had been confirmed in fuel.
He will leave his job at the end of December, a spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council said.
A spokesman for education authority Cambridgeshire County Council, said the site will eventually be landscaped to hide all trace of Huntley's presence.
Police, officials from Cambridgeshire County Council and security staff stood in silence as the house was destroyed.

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