Cambyses II

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Cam·by·ses II

 (kăm-bī′sēz) Died 522 bc.
King of Persia (529-522) who extended Persian rule throughout the Nile Valley.
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Pharaoh Cambyses II of Persia used cats for his military operation to defeat the Egyptians.
Archaeologists digging in northern Israel believe they have uncovered the sprawling military base from which Achaemenid Emperor Cambyses II organized his successful invasion of Egypt 2,500 years ago.
Of course, it did not stop growing at this point, but conquered Egypt, the last vestiges of the old system under the second king, Cambyses II, the former regent of Babylon.
Gatehouse to Pelusium's sixth-century AD fortress - It is the site of the Battle of Pelusium in 525 BC, where Emperor Cambyses II of Persia invaded Egypt.
Tehran, December 2 (ANI): The claim made by two Italian researchers that Persian King Cambyses II lost an army in Egypt in a sandstorm in 525 BC, has been rejected by archaeologists.
The scale of our scorched-earth destruction makes Cambyses II or Genghis Khan look like mild-mannered organic gardeners.