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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A division of arachnids having large, powerful fangs and a segmented abdomen; - called also Solpugidea, and Solpugides.
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In Plummet, one will have a skydiving experience while Dune Bash will give someone a close encounter with camel spiders, scorpions, snakes and other thrilling creatures.
When Dan was facing camel spiders in Afghanistan he asked me to send him an American Football.
Also known as camel spiders, these spider-like creatures have powerful jaws that can deliver a painful bite if a human threatens it -- another reason to check your shoes before putting them on if you're on a desert vacation.
Camel spiders - or solifugae to scientists - can grow to about six inches in length with a leg span of five inches.
Despite its large size, its bite isn't fatal and camel spiders usually avoid people altogether.
But as well as the unbelievable heat, I've been told the next big thing I have to worry about is camel spiders.
A NORTH soldier has returned from six months of rugged desert living while taking on the Taliban - and camel spiders.
But dad used to write on email and tell us how hot it was out there and about the camel spiders that chase your shadow.
Ants, scorpions, mosquitoes and crab-like Camel Spiders lurk in crevices, but some of the local animal life is more friendly, not least a stray Labrador cross who turned up during a sandstorm six weeks ago, his legs bowed and ribs showing through his matted fur.
Do you see any green trees and schnitzel 'cause I only see camel spiders and sand