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Noun1.Camelidae - camels and llamas and vicunas
mammal family - a family of mammals
Artiodactyla, order Artiodactyla - an order of hooved mammals of the subclass Eutheria (including pigs and peccaries and hippopotami and members of the suborder Ruminantia) having an even number of functional toes
Camelus, genus Camelus - type genus of the Camelidae: camels
genus Lama, Lama - llamas
genus Vicugna, Vicugna - a genus of Camelidae
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Interestingly, Laurel pointed out that llamas seem to fare better on scant water than other pack animals, referencing the camelid factor (llamas are of the same biological, camelidae family, as camels).
Significantly, argenx developed its proprietary antibodies by assessing the VH and VL domains found in the Camelidae family.
En la familia Camelidae, al menos tres subclases de IgG fueron descriptas (IgG1, IgG2 e IgG3), de los cuales la IgG2 y la IgG3 son HCAbs, mientras que la IgG1 tiene la estructura convencional.
The spatulate-shaped incisors, a small canine, a diastemal crest, and semi-V-shaped fossetids point toward the specimen being in the family Camelidae.