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Any of various mammals of the family Camelidae, having padded two-toed feet and a cleft upper lip, and including the alpaca, camels, guanaco, llama, and vicuña.

[From New Latin Camēlidae, family name, from Latin camēlus, camel; see camel.]

cam′e·lid adj.


1. (Animals) of or relating to camels
2. (Animals) belonging to the camel family, Camelidae
(Animals) any animal of the camel family
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This will provide protection to some 4500 head of cattle, including South American camelids and sheep.
This includes ancient horses, giant sloths and even camelids.
The stress of overcrowding, the fighting for food and mates, plus the underground setts in which TB bacteria may well have been present for decades are undoubtedly factors, as is the immunological response required to resist TB infection, which badgers (and the camelids, interestingly) do not possess.
In 2018, AbCellera performed rapid antibody discovery from camelids infected with Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), which has high pandemic potential.
"The presence of a thick layer of mud on top of the sand in which the children and camelids were buried, as well as the presence of human and animal footprints made while the mud was still wet, suggest that the sacrificial event occurred shortly after heavy rainfall and flooding, in an arid region that receives negligible rainfall under normal conditions.
The thriving company in the Dales has many of these curious camelids.
There are 12 of the South American camelids living in a paddock behind this 16th century inn in the pretty village of Hambledon.
Nutrient requirements of South American camelids: a factorial approach.
Riyadh: An ancient sculpted rock, depicting camelids (even-toed ungulate mammals) and equids (a mammal of the horse family), has been found in the northern Saudi province of Al Jawf.
19 (BNA): -- Ancient sculpted bedrock depicting camelids and equids has been found in northern Saudi Arabian province of Al-Jawf.
A symposium on investing in the sector of camelids stockbreeding will take place on Sunday at the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Besides the physical and personnel expansion, Bais is also growing her services to the animal world by increasing her emergency care to 24/7, mobile and large animal capabilities as well as delving into small ruminants like goats and sheep and camelids such as alpacas and llamas.