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Noun1.Camelina - annual and biennial herbs of Mediterranean to central AsiaCamelina - annual and biennial herbs of Mediterranean to central Asia
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Brassicaceae, Cruciferae, family Brassicaceae, family Cruciferae, mustard family - a large family of plants with four-petaled flowers; includes mustards, cabbages, broccoli, turnips, cresses, and their many relatives
Camelina sativa, gold of pleasure - annual European false flax having small white flowers; cultivated since Neolithic times as a source of fiber and for its oil-rich seeds; widely naturalized in North America
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Camelina (Camelina sativa) is another cool-season oilseed crop of interest to California growers.
BAP and NAA hormone combinations yielded the maximum results for both explants (root and leaf) and had a similar rate with that of our study Camelina sativa (L.
As sustainability is a concern, the most optimistic feedstock can be classified as short term, and long term feedstock will be Algae, Jatropha, Halophytes, and Camelina.
We announced the start of field tests at sites in Canada in early June for the evaluation of our novel yield trait gene C3003 in Camelina and canola.
Camelina is disease resistant, low input requiring crop with a short life cycle (80-100 days).
False flax, German sesame and Siberian oilseed are the names used for oil seed crop, Camelina sativa L.
Azerbaijan has the chance of getting a clean source of fuel from Camelina Sativa, a plant which already grows in the Caspian region.
It is manufactured from Camelina, an oilseed crop, also used as a feedstock, which is native to Northern Europe and central Asia.
Camelina is an important oil seed crop, which have high percentage of oil contents.
Once considered a weed, camelina is finding favor in some parts of the country as a soil-protecting winter cover crop.
The pathway only applies to Sustainable Oils' US Patent and Trademark Office-registered seed varieties - no other Camelina seed or oil can be used to produce LCFS compliant fuel.