Camellia sinensis

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Noun1.Camellia sinensis - a tropical evergreen shrub or small tree extensively cultivated in e.g. China and Japan and IndiaCamellia sinensis - a tropical evergreen shrub or small tree extensively cultivated in e.g. China and Japan and India; source of tea leaves; "tea has fragrant white flowers"
tea leaf, tea - dried leaves of the tea shrub; used to make tea; "the store shelves held many different kinds of tea"; "they threw the tea into Boston harbor"
genus Camellia - tropical Asiatic evergreen shrubs or small trees
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Antioxidant and antifungal activities of Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze leaves obtained by different forms of production.
Goggi was quick to point out that when discussing tea, he is strictly referring to the camellia sinensis plant, from which black, green, white, oolong and dark teas are derived, not herbais or tisanes (also known as botanicals).
Tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant, and from these are six types: white tea, yellow tea, green tea, oolong, black and puehr.
From world renowned teas, stand out, for example the products obtained from the differential preparation of terminal leaves and apical buds of Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze (Godoin et al., 2010).
Consistent media coverage is delivering a stream of positive news on the research validating health benefits of tea (Camellia sinensis) consumption-- particularly green tea--that is helping to educate and motivate consumers to choose tea.
All true teas--white, green, oolong and black--come from the buds of the same plant, Camellia sinensis.
A Camellia sinensis, pertencente a familia Theaceae, e uma arvore que pode alcancar varios metros de altura, nativa da China cultivada em mais de 30 paises (Sharangi, 2009).
Albany, NY, May 19, 2013 --( Green tea is prepared using the leaves of camellia sinensis undergoing minimum oxidation during its processing.
The company's portfolio includes Green Tea, which is blended with a concentrated extract of Camellia sinensis and trace vitamin supplements, Aptitude Coffee, Aptitude Xtreme, Aptitude Raspberry and Aptitude Kids.
Camellia sinensis total polyphenols in tea flush range from 20% to 35% (Hart, 2009).
Sufficiently high oral doses or topical application of green tea (Camellia sinensis) may also offer photoprotection.
CAMELLIA The camellia is a plant of immense historical and cultural significance because it is the source of tea - the dried leaves of Camellia sinensis infused with hot water make the nation's favourite hot beverage.