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1. In Arthurian legend, the site of King Arthur's court.
2. A place or time of idealized beauty, peacefulness, and enlightenment.


1. (European Myth & Legend) (in Arthurian legend) the English town where King Arthur's palace and court were situated
2. (Historical Terms) (in the US) the supposedly golden age of the presidency of John F. Kennedy, 1961–63


(ˈkæm əˌlɒt)

1. the legendary site of King Arthur's palace and court, possibly near Exeter, England.
2. any idyllic place or period, esp. one of great happiness.
Cam`e•lot′i•an, adj.
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Noun1.Camelot - (Arthurian legend) the capital of King Arthur's kingdom; according to the legend, truth and goodness and beauty reigned there
Arthurian legend - the legend of King Arthur and his court at Camelot
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They had analyzed and parsed it and torn it to pieces in general until it was a wonder there was any meaning at all left in it for them, but at least the fair lily maid and Lancelot and Guinevere and King Arthur had become very real people to them, and Anne was devoured by secret regret that she had not been born in Camelot.
We were playing Elaine" explained Anne frigidly, without even looking at her rescuer, "and I had to drift down to Camelot in the barge--I mean the flat.
It was probably easy enough in towered Camelot hundreds of years ago, but romance is not appreciated now.
During the whole of Mary's confinement, the house of Camelot conspired in her behalf.
The ladies of the court ignored his existence, while, as for those wandering damsels who came periodically to Camelot to complain of the behaviour of dragons, giants, and the like, and to ask permission of the king to take a knight back with them to fight their cause (just as, nowadays, one goes out and calls a policeman), he simply had no chance.
So he sent my sister Yseult to Camelot to ask the king to let us have a knight to protect us against a giant with three heads.
They were married two months later, and my father sent my sister Elaine to Camelot to ask for a knight to protect us against a wild unicorn.
I have loved you since the moment you entered the Hall at Camelot,' said Agravaine.
It had been cried, to the sound of the trumpet, the preceding evening at all the cross roads, by the provost's men, clad in handsome, short, sleeveless coats of violet camelot, with large white crosses upon their breasts.
the garden where he administered justice, "clad in a coat of camelot, a surcoat of linsey-woolsey, without sleeves, and a sur-mantle of black sandal, as he lay upon the carpet with Joinville?
They were leaning on the bridge of the old pond, drinking deep of the enchantment of the dusk, just at the spot where Anne had climbed from her sinking Dory on the day Elaine floated down to Camelot.
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