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A creamy, mold-ripened cheese that softens on the inside as it matures.

[French, after Camembert, a village of northwest France.]


(ˈkæməmˌbɛə; French kamɑ̃bɛr)
(Cookery) a rich soft creamy cheese
[French, from Camembert, a village in Normandy where it originated]


(ˈkæm əmˌbɛər)

a soft cow's-milk cheese with a creamy golden center and a whitish rind.
[1875–80; after Camembert, village in Normandy where it was first marketed]
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Noun1.Camembert - rich soft creamy French cheese
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk
References in classic literature ?
They had Camembert cheese, and it disgusted Philip to see that she ate rind and all of the portion that was given her.
A roasted mallard duck, thought Soapy, would be about the thing--with a bottle of Chablis, and then Camembert, a demi-tasse and a cigar.
Music on the night was provided by Camembert Quartet, the house band on The Late Late Show.
Cheese baker, PS14, Next Forget about the calories; this is perfect for delicious melted Brie or Camembert.
Others include poulet a la Provencale, boeuf et frites, the pan-fried camembert salad and quiche of the day.
McDonald's introduces light and crispy Camembert Cheese Bites priced 750bz.
3 CAMEMBERT My friend hosted a cheese and wine night and we ended up with more than 20 blocks of cheese for six of us.
A CHEESEMAKER has won an international award for her camembert - depsite having never sold any cheese.
What you do see frequently, particularly as a starter or sharer in bars and restaurants is baked cheese, normally a camembert baked in its box, just like my recipe, a kind of modern take on the cheese fondue.
The quince adds a wonderful flavourful contrast, its perfume cutting through the deep savoury taste of the camembert, and a small accompaniment of nicely bitter salad leaves balances things up perfectly.
I remember when I was on three rolls of Camembert a day.