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A creamy, mold-ripened cheese that softens on the inside as it matures.

[French, after Camembert, a village of northwest France.]
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(ˈkæməmˌbɛə; French kamɑ̃bɛr)
(Cookery) a rich soft creamy cheese
[French, from Camembert, a village in Normandy where it originated]
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(ˈkæm əmˌbɛər)

a soft cow's-milk cheese with a creamy golden center and a whitish rind.
[1875–80; after Camembert, village in Normandy where it was first marketed]
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Noun1.Camembert - rich soft creamy French cheese
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk
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They had Camembert cheese, and it disgusted Philip to see that she ate rind and all of the portion that was given her.
A roasted mallard duck, thought Soapy, would be about the thing--with a bottle of Chablis, and then Camembert, a demi-tasse and a cigar.
Place the bread tree in the oven with the second cheese on the shelf below and bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until the Camemberts are gooey and the bread is risen and golden.
Now for the cheese; Cut the Camemberts into six even wedges and pop on a tray in the freezer for 30 minutes.
Though Camembert comes from the same-named region in France, true Camemberts are becoming harder to find, due to increased regulations on raw milk cheeses.
THE process of cheese making is very demanding from collecting fresh local milk and turning it into downy white Camemberts in just a few weeks.
I like to buy and use the small camemberts that come in wooden boxes as they look great on the table.
The bries and Camemberts and Roqueforts are still there in all their fatty glory.
I've been toying with the idea of baking a whole brie-type cheese in pastry with some fruity element for a while now, and the arrival of the quinces plus a delivery of small British camemberts from my man in Birk-Birk by meant that there was no time like the present to get working on things.
So, from clementine chocolate torte to pork and cider stuffing and a Camembert Christmas tree, here is how you can make your dinner sparkle.
Isigny, as a whole, is an important milk production area, with AOC butter and cream as well as excellent cheeses such as Camembert, Mimolette, Pont-l'Eeveque, Tresor d'Isigny and more, made by the Isigny Sainte Mere co-operative.
A ripening Camembert wedge, all oozing butteriness, sits atop a chunky rectilinear slab of what might be chalk or cement, which itself rests on four rather squashed mini-Camemberts--its "feet" (a pun on the odor?).