a.1.Of or pertaining to finance and public revenue.
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Such (very) long-term thinking sits uneasily with most countries' annual budget process that is often still driven by cameralistic accounting that says little about the impact of annual flows on a government's or a country's total assets and liabilities.
Over the last decades, much time and effort is being spent to move from cameralistic accounting towards accrual accounting in order to increase transparency of the public accounting data.
The cameralistic method of accounting: a historical note, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 10(3):443-450.
The New Cameral accounting system is sometimes referred to as "enterprise cameralistics" or "commercial cameralistics".
In comparison with the other Nordic countries, Finnish government finances have been "cameralistic" rather than "Keynesian." That is, during good times, social benefits have been developed on the basis of corporatist interest mediation, and in recessions reductions in social expenditures have been agreed to as economic "necessities."
He paid close attention to developments in the private sector and made lengthy visits to Britain and the United States to study railway financial management in those countries.(114) He abandoned the rigid cameralistic spending plan used by the Reichsbahn before 1924 and its Landerbahn predecessors in favor of a flexible annual budget estimate (Voranschlag) and an economic plan (Wirtschaftsplan) that could be adjusted on both the expenditure and income sides to conform to economic circumstances.(115)