a.1.Of or pertaining to finance and public revenue.
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Contract notice: Assistance in the project of cameralistic management and budget management.
Such (very) long-term thinking sits uneasily with most countries' annual budget process that is often still driven by cameralistic accounting that says little about the impact of annual flows on a government's or a country's total assets and liabilities.
Over the last decades, much time and effort is being spent to move from cameralistic accounting towards accrual accounting in order to increase transparency of the public accounting data.
The cameralistic method of accounting: a historical note, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 10(3):443-450.
Like Foucault, to whom he seems most heavily indebted, Vogl wants to uncover the structuring principles of an order of knowledge that is just as relevant for conceptions of drama and the novel in the period as it is for cameralistic theories of government.
114) He abandoned the rigid cameralistic spending plan used by the Reichsbahn before 1924 and its Landerbahn predecessors in favor of a flexible annual budget estimate (Voranschlag) and an economic plan (Wirtschaftsplan) that could be adjusted on both the expenditure and income sides to conform to economic circumstances.
System and application-sided operation for cameralistic ministries and parliamentary bodies and organizational control of state enterprises under the directive of the PESO.
Installation, configuration, software license and software maintenance for about 5000 devices, of which approximately 1000 licenses for the District of Upper Bavaria incl his cameralistic institutions and schools and approximately 4000 terminals for hospitals in the district of Upper Bavaria (including the divested clinics ).
The new financial procedures should continue to support a cameralistic accounting.