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n.1.A follower of the Rev. Richard Cameron, a Scotch Covenanter of the time of Charles II.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Or he is in this chair repeating to her his favourite poem, 'The Cameronian's Dream,' and at the first lines so solemnly uttered,
CoD is located in The Norman MacEwan Centre, Cameronian Street in Stirling FK8 2DX and can be contacted on 01786 462178.
1931: Freddie Fox rode Cameronian to victory in the first televised Epsom Derby.
Fred Darling Cuttle (1922), Coronach (Cameronian Roussel (l'Eveque (Tudor (1941).
Hollywood has the Oscars but those in the performing arts here have their own 'awards moment' too - the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards (BCAA).
Texel to PS108 Cameronian to R Johnstone & Sons Butcher, Annan.
An hour is a long time in modern politics though, and given that May's campaign is progressing with such distinct unease we might well see a U-turn of Cameronian proportions.
The property in Cameronian Square, Ochre Yards, Gateshead, is for sale through Andrew Craig for PS325,000, tel: 0191 487 5330.
(Readers of Soundings will be aware of the way Stuart continued to develop such ideas to understand New Labour and then Cameronian Toryism--which he saw as distinct phases of the neoliberal conjuncture.) For Stuart politics always involved so much more than a narrow contest of economic interests.
Cameronian tea owes it brisk and full-bodied flavor to the environmental conditions of the highland itself.
A silver Peugeot 406 parked in Cameronian Square, Gateshead, was damaged when offenders tried to force open a window between 7am on Thursday and 11.15pm on Friday.

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