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n.1.A follower of the Rev. Richard Cameron, a Scotch Covenanter of the time of Charles II.
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Then he joined the 1st Battalion, the Cameronians, stationed in West Germany where he spent six months receiving staff training.
After the tragedy, James, an ex-rifleman driver with the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Regiment, was initially sent to an army hospital in Colchester, then on to Canniesburn Hospital near Glasgow.
Pte Tom Rory was also with relatives in Doune area, as were Pte Willie Cameron, Black Watch and Pte W Young of the Canadian Cameronians.
Raymond Kelly, who served with the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), planned a reunion for veterans from his old unit but he was gutted after he struggled to find any comrades who served in Malaya.
Clyde favourite helped beat auld enemy ALLAN LYNCH Allan, who served as a private in the Cameronians, appeared as a trialist for Celtic in December 1897 on leave from the Scottish Rifles.
He was just 21 years old, serving with the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), during the Cold War in West Germany, when he was injured in a Jeep crash.
There were many in the Cameronians and 5th Scottish Rifles I was friendly with.
The first hero to be honoured by having a bus named after him is Private Signaller William Benjamin Pugh, of The Cameronians Regiment.
He had been serving in France with the 1st Cameronians.
s of the old school were looked upon as little better than therapsidian brutes; in remodeling the franchise the Cameronians sought to replace the fogeys with "socially liberal young people and representatives of ethnic and sexual minorities.
Then he joined the 1st Battalion, the Cameronians (the Scottish Rifles), stationed in West Germany where he spent six months receiving staff training.

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