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A region and former German protectorate of west-central Africa. After World War I the territory was divided into British Cameroons and French Cameroons.


(ˌkæm əˈrunz)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
1. a region in W Africa: a German protectorate 1884–1919; divided in 1919 into British and French mandates.
2. Also called British Cameroons. a former British mandate (1919–46) and trusteeship (1946–60) in W Africa: by a 1961 plebiscite the S part joined Cameroon and the N part joined Nigeria.
Cam`e•roon′i•an, adj. n.


pl the CameroonsKamerun nt
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The referendum of 1972 put an end to the federal nature of the country in respect to the unification agreement and also abolished the semi autonomy and assembly that existed in Southern Cameroons.
Interview with Augustine Ndangam, Vice President of Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization, Bamenda (June 15, 2005).
When the Cameroons arrived at the World Cup, it was with a confident roar, fresh from successfully defending their African Nations Cup title, saying they would become the first African team ever to reach the semi-finals.
GENTLE kittens so far, Cameroon will need to truly become Indomitable Lions when they meet Germany in their final Group E match tomorrow if they hope to avoid a third consecutive first round exit.
For example, Simon Staats developed into one of best education administrators the church had in Nigeria and the Cameroons between 1935 and independence.
He is the author of Mission to the British Cameroons (1992) and Cardinal Herbert Vaughan (1995).
After the union of the French and English Cameroons on 1 October 1961, we had the Federal Republic of Cameroon, not the United Republic of Cameroon.
Despite his stance against partition, the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) called on Fru Ndi to be the President of the Anglophone territories, which the SCNC declared independent in 2001.
CAMEROONS living in Ireland last night warned that the football stars of their native country will ruin Ireland's World Cup dream.
But the Cameroons still looked the most likely winners.
One month later, on 1 October, the independence of Anglophone Cameroon was pronounced, and the reunification of the two Cameroons agreed.