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n.1.(Bot.) See Camass.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The former Match Racing World Champion stood in for Franck Cammas two years ago and helmed the GC32 NORAUTO team to victory.
Reigning GC32 champion Franck Cammas and his Norauto crew will also be out to improve on their fourth place at the first event.
"It's also been working really well between Adam Minoprio and I, calling the tactics and getting the boat going in the right direction, so we are really pleased that that's worked out as well as it has -- we are just nicely in synch which is how it should be." After sharing the early lead with defending GC32 champions Norauto, led by French ace Franck Cammas, the determined Oman Air team built the foundations for their ultimate success with a hat-trick of race victories on the third of four days of racing.
French Olympic sailor Pierre Pennec had stepped in as skipper in place of Oman Sail team leader Franck Cammas, who did not race for medical reasons and sailed alongside Hussein Al Jabri
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Frank Cammas (skipper of Team Groupama), had it in one of his big trimarans that went around the world, so it's not the nrst time in a multi-hull either.
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With the America's Cup and the Olympics to contend with, the pressures on both Burling and Outteridge are considerable in 2016, while Groupama Team France skipper Franck Cammas is fighting his own battles after sustaining an injury while training in December which ended his Olympic campaign and may also keep him out of Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Oman.
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Rep Bruce Braley of Iowa posted a beautiful picture of a farm on his Facebook page; the picture was of the Cammas Hall Fruit Farm in England.
FLYING J THE FLAG Overall winners Groupama SHOWBOATING Telefonica WINNING JSMILE Groupama's French skipper Franck Cammas YACHT * ADAY Team New Zealand SHIPSHAPE JGroupama team navigate round the Fastnet Rock CROWD PLEASERS Fans welcome Groupama team in Galway yesterday
After scoring their second consecutive in-port finish at the back of the fleet, Iker MartE[degrees]nez's Team TelefEnica have seen their overall lead reduced to seven points over Franck Cammas' Groupama sailing team in second.