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 (kə-môr′ə, -mŏr′ə)
1. A Neapolitan secret society organized about 1820, notorious for practicing violence and blackmail.
2. camorra An unscrupulous, clandestine group.

[Italian, perhaps from camorra, a kind of smock, said to have been worn by members of the society.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a secret society organized in about 1820 in Naples, which thrives on blackmail and extortion
2. (Law) any similar clandestine group
[C19: from Italian, probably from Spanish: quarrel]


(kəˈmɔr ə, -ˈmɒr ə)

n., pl. -ras.
1. a secret society of Naples, Italy, first publicly known about 1820 and associated with blackmail, robbery, etc.
2. (l.c.) any similar society or group.
[1860–65; < Italian < Sp: dispute]
Ca•mor′rism, n.
Ca•mor′rist, n.


 a secret society of lawless malcontents in Naples and other Neopolitan cities, 1865—Wilkes.
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Noun1.Camorra - a secret society in Naples notorious for violence and blackmail
gangdom, gangland, organized crime - underworld organizations
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If I killed him the Camorra would certainly kill me; he kept on telling me so; it was like his cunning not to say that he would put them on my tracks whether or no.
Italian officials said yesterday they have captured an alleged top boss of the Camorra crime syndicate, dealing a serious blow to organised crime in Naples.
A member turned informer of the Casalesi clan, one of the most violent among the Camorra mafia, told police "this book has created a mess," while revealing plans to exterminate the author by this year's end, La Repubblica newspaper said.
ITALIAN officials said they have captured an alleged top boss of the Camorra crime syndicate, dealing what they said was a serious blow to organised crime in the Naples area.
The discovery was made during the operation on the third-floor flat in the rundown Forcella area of Naples - a zone which is controlled by the local Mafia, the Camorra.
Hecla currently produces silver from two silver mines, Greens Creek and Lucky Friday, as well as mining gold at the La Camorra Unit in Venezuela.
Assassins belonging to the Camorra mafia in Italy have executed a man in the courtyard of a kindergarten in Scampia, in Naples' outskirts, while children were rehearsing Christmas songs.
Now captured mafia boss Salvatore Lo Russo, of the Camorra crime clan, has told prosecutors how he tried to help him recover the award.
Fabrizio Corona, who is known as the 'king of the paparazzi,' has claimed that members of the Camorra mafia in Naples are trying to sell the alleged images to gossip magazines.
Sandro De Franciscis, president of the Caserta province which includes Castelvolturno, said: "The arrogance of the Camorra [the Italian mafia] has reached intolerable levels.
The crime war involves the Di Lauro clan of the Camorra, the Naples-area syndicate which runs drug and weapons trafficking, betting and prostitution.
The flat is in the Forcella area, which is controlled by the local Neapolitan Mafia, the Camorra, and police have not ruled out a connection between the Mob and the suspected terrorist cell.