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 (kə-môr′ə, -mŏr′ə)
1. A Neapolitan secret society organized about 1820, notorious for practicing violence and blackmail.
2. camorra An unscrupulous, clandestine group.

[Italian, perhaps from camorra, a kind of smock, said to have been worn by members of the society.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a secret society organized in about 1820 in Naples, which thrives on blackmail and extortion
2. (Law) any similar clandestine group
[C19: from Italian, probably from Spanish: quarrel]


(kəˈmɔr ə, -ˈmɒr ə)

n., pl. -ras.
1. a secret society of Naples, Italy, first publicly known about 1820 and associated with blackmail, robbery, etc.
2. (l.c.) any similar society or group.
[1860–65; < Italian < Sp: dispute]
Ca•mor′rism, n.
Ca•mor′rist, n.


 a secret society of lawless malcontents in Naples and other Neopolitan cities, 1865—Wilkes.
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Noun1.Camorra - a secret society in Naples notorious for violence and blackmail
gangdom, gangland, organized crime - underworld organizations
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If I killed him the Camorra would certainly kill me; he kept on telling me so; it was like his cunning not to say that he would put them on my tracks whether or no.
El italiano Roberto Saviano vive amenazado por la camorra desde 2006, al publicarse su novela Gomorra acerca de la camorra italiana.
The book focuses on the main branches of the Italian mafia -- Sicily's feudally allegiant Cosa Nostra, the complex 'Ndrangheta of Calabria, and the flamboyant and colorful Neapolitan Camorra -- with their collective involvement in drugs, prostitution, extortion, and various forms of commerce.
In a Naples neighborhood dominated by mafia, young people who worked for the Camorra syndicate as kids teach the art of circus, theater and parkour as an alternative to a life of crime.
La omerta, la ley del silencio, es regla de oro de las manas italianas: la Cosa Nostra, que opera en Sicilia; la Camorra, en la region de la Campania, y la 'Ndrangheta, en Calabria, al extremo sur de la peninsula.
Pasquale Scotti, a former leader of the Naples-based mafia-style crime ring called the Camorra, was caught in Brazil's northeastern city of Recife, according to local daily O Globo.
Francis, on a day-long trip to the southern city, also spoke out against political corruption in a morning address to a crowd in the notorious Scampia neighbourhood, a stronghold of clans of the Camorra, the Naples version of the Sicilian mafia.
Don Pietro Caruso di Roberto Bracco e A San Francisco di Salvatore Di Giacomo mettono in scena la camorra.
Ravveduto was doubtful that the local mob in Salerno, the Camorra, was responsible for the delivery to De Luca.
Legitimate arms of the Camorra clans were paid to dispose of the waste from Germany but hid it in farmland, caves or the sea for monthly profits of PS200,000.
This realistic depiction of warfare between the Camorra gangs in Naples and its hinterland has already sold to HBO Nordic.
The 2008 film, also Oscar-nominated, looks at the Camorra branch of the mafia and its grip on the people of Naples and Caserta.