Camp stool

the same as camp chair, except that the stool has no back.

See also: Camp

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The officers arose and saluted as their superior approached, and Clayton surrendered his camp stool to Jane.
They had been walking from the beach toward the cabin as they talked, and now they joined a little group sitting on camp stools in the shade of a great tree beside the cabin.
I didn't inquire, and to a young second mate the captain of the little pretty brigantine, sitting astride a camp stool with his chin resting on his hands that were crossed upon the rail, might have appeared a minor king amongst men.
So I'm sitting on this camp stool in this Finnish front yard with my local guide beside me, my Sako .3006 across my knees, listening to the dogs barking as they approach through the surrounding woodlots.
Collapsible camp stool frame (the piece would typically have a canvas seat).
"I do almost all of my observing sitting down," Oltion says, perched on a simple folding camp stool. "That's the beauty of it."
A participant in a contemporary war reenactment that Soth photographed for Life magazine, the subject of Josh, Joelton, Tennessee, 2004, wears fatigues and perches on a tiny camp stool, balancing sandwich makings on his thighs.
With my sturdy tripod, camera and camp stool arranged inside the blind, I had only to sit and wait -- for nearly four and a half hours.
It soon became evident that, although he was carrying a big stick (along with a camp stool on which he ensconced himself), he had no intention of walking softly.
The projects themselves range from benches, crates, ammunition boxes, and a folding camp table, to a bucksaw, folding camp stool, and an officer's field desk.
"We love folding stools that double as tables or serve as extra seating when the guest list grows." Camp stool, $295.

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