n.1.(Zool.) A mouse (Arvicala agrestis), called also meadow mouse, which often does great damage in fields and gardens, by feeding on roots and seeds.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is considered as an etiological factor for other diseases such as obesity, certain cancers, kidney stones and osteoporosis (Campagnol et al., 2000; Desmond, 2006; He and MacGregor, 2010).Therefore, several recent studies paid their attention to assess the effect of salt reduction on the physicochemical and functional properties of fermented sausages(Gelabert et al.2003; Aaslyng et al.,2014; Dos Santos et al., 2015a; Dos Santos et al., 2015b).
Salt (sodium chloride) is considered an essential ingredient in the development of pleasant and safe sensory products--because of its preservative power --but a reduced intake has been stimulated and became global trend due to its relationship with hypertension problems (Weiss, Gibis, Schuh, & Salminen, 2010; Campagnol, Santos, Morgano, Terra, & Pollonio, 2011; Kremer et al., 2013).
Nonetheless, the routine use of EEG was impractical because of the complexity of its parameters and operator-dependent nature for the interpretation of results DUARTE, (2006); CAMPAGNOL et al.
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Watermelon is a typically tropical fruit species with production mainly of large fruits with weight varying from 6 to 25 kg (Campagnol, 2009).
Os valores de IAF maximos observados para 'Extasy' e 'Beni Kodama' sao superiores aos valores entre 0,52 a 1,46, observados em pesquisas anteriores com minimelancia tutorada 'Smile[R]' em cultivo no solo, respectivamente, com densidades de 1,6 plantas/[m.sup.2] (Aumonde et al., 2011a) e 4,76 plantas/[m.sup.2] (Campagnol et al., 2012).
Os autores agradecem a Gervasio Celito Mario, Elio Campagnol e Marta Sccoti pelo auxilio logistico na coleta de sementes e conducao do experimento, e a Miriam Fernanda Rodrigues, na realizacao da analise fisica dos substratos.

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