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Noun1.political donation - a contribution made to a politician or a political campaign or a political party
donation, contribution - a voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause
soft money - political contributions made in such a way as to avoid the United States regulations for federal election campaigns (as by contributions to a political action committee)
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Besides raising embarrassing questions about Republican campaign finance scruples in the short run, the allegations served to underline as nothing had done before the essentially undemocratic nature of much political fund-raising.
NIC Technologies LLC Partners with Michigan to Deliver Handheld Access to e-Filed State Campaign Finance Data
June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele today announced the list of candidates and candidates' authorized committees that failed to file campaign finance reports for the reporting period ending June 19.
Our interactive breakdown of campaign finance reports from the second half of 2013 includes the totals for candidates, expenditures, loans and cash on hand at the end of the year, and offers several ways to look at the details.
This year, the LWVUS Board recommitted to the Democracy Agenda, adding lobbying and ethics reform and the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act to the existing priorities: election reform, campaign finance reform, redistricting and civil liberties.
Ledford will appear in the June 6 Republican primary against Sharon Runner, whose latest campaign finance filing statement lists donations from beer producer Anheuser Busch, tobacco giants RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris, and Indian tribes with casinos, including the Agua Caliente Band of Cahulla Indians, Pechanga Band of Mission Indians, and the San Miguel Tribal Administration.
From the landmark Pentagon Papers case to the fight against speech-squelching campaign finance laws, attorney Floyd Abrams has been at the heart of some of the last three decades' most important battles over free expression.
Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly complained in her opinion of "a campaign finance system so riddled with loopholes as to be rendered ineffective.
VOTING WITH DOLLARS: A New Paradigm for Campaign Finance by Bruce Ackerman and Ian Ayres Yale University Press, $29.
The momentum for reform of the campaign finance system is building, and when we succeed, we will bring new faces to Congress and make it easier to achieve progressive goals.
Observing that the McCain-Feingold/ShaysMeehan law imposes another layer of complexity to the already formidable body of campaign laws, Samuelson urges the Supreme Court to "declare most campaign finance regulation unconstitutional.

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