n. pl.1.(Her.) Bells.
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Total quantity or scope: For information, the average number of interventions over the past two winter Campanes varied, depending on the sector, between 10 and 30 for precuratives interventions and between 0 and 10 for the curative interventions.
Seguiran en la decada del setenta, Per qui toquen les campanes de Ernest Hemingway (1971); otras obras de Miller: El temps dels Assassins (1975), Tropic de cancer (1977), Tropic de capricorn (1978); Escales cap al foc (1976) y Afrodisiac: seleccio de textos erotics (1979) de Ana'is Nin.
In "Les campanes," for example, "esbarts de pensaments" becomes "burden of my thoughts" instead of a more literal and neutral "groups of thoughts," because of "the gravity of the poem.