n. pl.1.(Her.) Bells.
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A cela s'ajoutent des campanes de sensibilisation sur les dangers des inondations, sur le nettoyage des Oueds et des installations d'assainissement.
In "Les campanes," for example, "esbarts de pensaments" becomes "burden of my thoughts" instead of a more literal and neutral "groups of thoughts," because of "the gravity of the poem." The often-anthologized "La reliquia" shows an interesting choice, not explained but successful, in rendering the opening words "Faune mutilat" as "Mutilated myth," generalizing and simplifying the image.
The translations compared here are: Catalan: Per qui toquen les campanes, by Jordi Arbones (Barcelona: Edicions Proa, 1978).
in Bond: 24-25.) (14.) The razo to Bertran de Born's song 80, 31 notes that during a confrontation between the armies of Philip of France and Richard-the-Lionhearted, Richard takes the offensive against the French army knowing that the Champenois have pledged to refrain from participating in any battle due to the large number of sterlings that Richard had distributed amongst them (" li Campanes avian a lui promes que no.Il serion a l'encontra per la grant cantitat dels esterlins que avia semenatz entre lor...B/S: 122).