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n.1.(Eccl.) A member of the denomination called Christians or Disciples of Christ. They themselves repudiate the term Campbellite as a nickname. See Christian, 3.
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Influenced by a Campbellite minister, Sidney Rigdon, Isaac and Lucy Morley had sought to emulate the primitive Christian church's communalism as described in the biblical book of Acts.
After Alexander Campbell joined the ABU several Campbellite churches also donated.
This is the egalitarian revelation and baptism that Muir found in the Sierra, and it confirmed his Campbellite tendency to reject creeds and dogmatic human traditions.
Anabaptist scholars John Yoder and Alan Kreider, and Campbellite scholars Paul Blowers and Fred Norris).
See useful discussion of Campbellite millennialism in Richard Hughes and Leonard Allen, Illusions of Innocence: Protestant Primitivism, 1630-1875 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1988), 108-110.
Almost everything that Lindsay attempted, in fact, was related in some way to the spiritual quest that began with his Campbellite ancestors, those disciples of Christ who on the American frontier split from the more ceremonial Presbyterian church to profess a reformed faith of even greater conformity to the origins of Christ's church.
illusion) something of the old strong harsh Campbellite blood which
Muir abandoned his father's Campbellite Baptist faith for what he described as `baptism in Nature's warm heart .
Many of the early leaders continued to hold the views of the Jews that they brought with them from their previous Christian affiliations, and Epperson divides the early leadership into two distinct camps with Smith, Hyde, and Brigham Young, the second leader of the church, in one camp and Sidney Rigdon, a Campbellite minister before his conversion to Mormonism, Oliver Cowdery, a teacher and editor of Mormon publications, and Orson Pratt in the other.
She recalled an incident involving her brother, a Campbellite preacher in the east, who refused to accept Saturday as the true Sabbath.
Each chapter is strong and clearly exhibits the Baptist impulse, but nowhere is this better demonstrated than when Baptists faced the Campbellite challenge.
Trevino, who was pastor of Primera San Antonio from 1888 to 1893, was Campbellite in doctrine and preached that baptism was necessary for salvation until C.