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n.1.(Eccl.) A member of the denomination called Christians or Disciples of Christ. They themselves repudiate the term Campbellite as a nickname. See Christian, 3.
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Trevino, who was pastor of Primera San Antonio from 1888 to 1893, was Campbellite in doctrine and preached that baptism was necessary for salvation until C.
This is the egalitarian revelation and baptism that Muir found in the Sierra, and it confirmed his Campbellite tendency to reject creeds and dogmatic human traditions.
Anabaptist scholars John Yoder and Alan Kreider, and Campbellite scholars Paul Blowers and Fred Norris).
See useful discussion of Campbellite millennialism in Richard Hughes and Leonard Allen, Illusions of Innocence: Protestant Primitivism, 1630-1875 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1988), 108-110.
Almost everything that Lindsay attempted, in fact, was related in some way to the spiritual quest that began with his Campbellite ancestors, those disciples of Christ who on the American frontier split from the more ceremonial Presbyterian church to profess a reformed faith of even greater conformity to the origins of Christ's church.
illusion) something of the old strong harsh Campbellite blood which
The second case is the one of someone who had previously experienced Campbellite immersion.
Fall, Republican of New Mexico, grandson of a leader of the Campbellite movement and much influenced by that movement's theology, referred to the League as "Chiliast," as a crime against Christian civilization in that it tried to generate the millennium through secular action.
Holmes has been more careful than most biographers to identify the specific form of Christianity that Muir knew--that of the Campbellite movement--and so he is able to recognize patterns and characteristics unique to this religious culture as they appear later in Muir's life.
Our Pedo-baptist and Campbellite neighbors are mooting the subject of baptism, and especially communion.
The only reference in the entire volume to the factors which led to the rupture of Baptists in America is found in the "Preface" where, after alluding to the Antimissions and Campbellite conflicts, he said: