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Noun1.Campephilus - a genus of PicidaeCampephilus - a genus of Picidae      
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Picidae, Picidae - woodpeckers
Campephilus principalis, ivorybill, ivory-billed woodpecker - large black-and-white woodpecker of southern United States and Cuba having an ivory bill; nearly extinct
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And a professor from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock came up with a brief video that helped convince experts from the renowned Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology that at least one male Campephilus principalis survived six decades after its last reliable sighting in the United States.
Next I'd see the sudden rush of black and white wings past me, and I'd know immediately that this was Campephilus principalis, what legions of other birdwatchers had been unable to find, and I'd weep with joy.
Now it has been seen again, officially Campephilus principalis but more graphically the "Lord God" woodpecker, on account of its awesome appearance.
The female woodpecker, whose Latin name is Campephilus principalis, was acquired by the museum in the early 1970s and was part of a donated collection.
pluricinctus, Ramphastos tucanus; Null: Pteroglossus inscriptus, Selenidera reinwardtii PICIDAE -- Real: Celeus grammicus, Dtyocopus lineatus; Null: Piculus chrysochloros, Celeus elegans, Campephilus rubricollis.
montanus (Linnaeus), I R Eurasian tree sparrow Extirpated: Campephilus principalis S (Linnaeus), ivory-billed woodpecker Conuropsis carolinensis I (Linnaeus), Carolina parakeet Ectopistes migratorius I (Linnaeus), passenger pigeon Grus americana (Linnaeus), N whooping crane Numenius borealis (Forster), I eskimo curlew Perdix perdix (Linnaeus), gray N partridge Tympanuchus cupido (Linnaeus), NW greater prairie-chicken Vermivora bachmanii (Audubon), S Bachman's warbler Season CLASS AVES Order Gaviiformes (loons) Family Gaviidae (loons) Gavia adamsii (Gray), yellow- A billed loon G.
In addition to the American Ivorybill population, biologists also identified another subspecies called Campephilus principalis bairdii, or the Cuban Ivory-billed Woodpecker, and rumors abound that a few still exist in eastern Cuba.
Division of labour in parental care in the Magellanic Woodpecker Campephilus magellanicus.
chrysochloros Colaptes rubiginosus U F Dryocopus lineatus F U Campephilus haematogaster R C.