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 (käm′pō, kăm′-)
n. pl. cam·pos
A large grassy plain in South America, with scattered bushes and small trees.

[Spanish, field, from Latin campus.]


n, pl -pos
(Physical Geography) (often plural) level or undulating savanna country, esp in the uplands of Brazil
[American Spanish, from Latin campus]


(ˈkæm poʊ, ˈkɑm-)

n., pl. -pos.
(in South America) an extensive, nearly level grassland plain.
[1605–15; < Sp < Latin campus field]
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Bram de Klerck intends to rehabilitate the reputation of the Brothers Campi -- Giulio, Antonio and Vincenzo -- nor just as accomplished masters of their native Cremona, but as innovators of devotional painting.
In recent decades, the Campi like other northern Italians have been investigated primarily by Italian scholars who have focused on stylistic distinctions and regional affinities.
Chapter 2 explores the long history of "The Decoration of San Paolo Converso in Milan" where all the Campi brothers participated over a period of three decades.