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Velvet is Habayeb's third novel, and it depicts life in al-Baq'a Palestinian refugee campin Amman, Jordan in the 1960s/70s.
Con este conjunto de ideas, en julio de 1953, Carulla Soler invirtio en lo que se denominaria uno de los primeros supermercados de Colombia, ubicado en el barrio El Campin de la ciudad de Bogota.
But the 22-year-old attacker tied his hands and choked him at their campin Muhaisnah on January 18 this year, prosecutors said.
In the context of the Ghent Christ's overdone Boschianism, the National Gallery and Palacio Real paintings reveal Bosch not so much as a grotesque painter, but as a master of human expression in the vein of predecessors like Robert Campin and Jan van Eyck.
A number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed in army operations carried out in al-Menshiye neighborhood and around al-Nazihin Campin Daraa al-Balad, while more terrorists werekilled and injured and their weapons and equipment were destroyed east of the old customs building.
Seiscientos mil nuevos cupos en educacion superior es como tener 15 estadios como el Campin llenos de nuevos estudiantes.
He was thenpromoted to first team and played with Mekweloon for more than 35 capsbefore he was to join FC Basel in 2013 when they invited him to their training campin Estepona, Spain in January 2013 during the friendly match against Romanianclub Steaua Bucuresti.
Habria, sin embargo, que hacer algunos comentarios sobre lo que podrian ser deficiencias; por una parte, la falta de informacion etimologica, tan importante para los estudiantes de estos niveles de la educacion, y la confusion que se introduce al proponer adaptaciones de algunas voces extranjeras; asi, por ejemplo, se recomiendan las formas campin, ranquin (y sus plurales campines y ranquines) en los articulos camping y ranking, lematizadas en cursiva como tales palabras extranjeras.
Elizabeth Kim Campin, 27, of Minsterley Drive, Acklam, Middlesbrough, given a six-month community order with supervision and ordered to pay PS85 costs and PS60 charges for making dishonest statements for benefit.