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camp 1

a. A place where tents, huts, or other temporary shelters are set up, as by soldiers, nomads, or travelers.
b. A cabin or shelter or group of such buildings: gathered branches and grasses for a makeshift camp; had a fishing camp in Vermont.
c. The people using such shelters: a howl that awakened the whole camp.
a. A place in the country that offers simple group accommodations and organized recreation or instruction, as for vacationing children: a girls' summer camp; a tennis camp.
b. Sports A place where athletes engage in intensive training, especially preseason training.
c. The people attending the programs at such a place.
3. A prison camp or concentration camp.
4. Military service; army life.
5. A group of people who think alike or share a cause; side: The council members disagreed, falling into liberal and conservative camps.
v. camped, camp·ing, camps
1. To make or set up a camp.
2. To live in or as if in a camp; settle: We camped in the apartment until the furniture arrived.
To shelter or lodge in a camp; encamp: They camped themselves by a river.

[Early Modern English, from Middle French, probably from Italian or Spanish campo, both from Latin campus, field; see campus.]

camp 2

Deliberate affectation or exaggeration of style, especially of popular or outdated style, for ironic or humorous effect: "Camp is popularity plus vulgarity plus innocence" (Indra Jahalani).
1. Showing or characterized by camp: played up the silliness of their roles for camp effect.
2. Given to or characterized by exaggerated, effeminate mannerisms.
v. camped, camp·ing, camps
1. To act in a histrionic or exaggerated manner.
2. To act in an exaggerated, effeminate manner.
To exaggerate or overdramatize: camped up the characters in the play.

[Origin unknown.]

camp′y adj.


cyclic AMP
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Noun1.camping - the act of encamping and living in tents in a campcamping - the act of encamping and living in tents in a camp
inhabitancy, inhabitation, habitation - the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men); "he studied the creation and inhabitation and demise of the colony"
kamp yapmakamping
việc đi cắm trại


A. Ncámping m
B. CPD Camping gas® N (Brit) (= gas) → gas m butano (US) (= stove) → cámping gas ® m
camping ground N(terreno m de) cámping m
camping site N = camping ground camping van Ncaravana f, autocaravana f


[ˈkæmpɪŋ] ncamping m
to go camping → faire du camping
We went camping in Cornwall → Nous avons fait du camping en Cornouailles.camping gas n
(British) (= gas) → butane m
(US) (= stove) → camping-gaz® m invcamping ground camping site ncamping m, terrain m de campingcamping stove nréchaud m de campingcamp site ncamping m, terrain m de camping


nZelten nt, → Camping nt; no campingZelten verboten!


in cpdsCamping-;
camping gas
n (US) → Campinggas nt
camping ground
nZeltplatz m
camping site
nCampingplatz m, → Zeltplatz m
camping van
nWohnmobil nt


[ˈkæmpɪŋ] ncampeggio


(kӕmp) noun
1. a piece of ground with tents pitched on it.
2. a collection of buildings, huts or tents in which people stay temporarily for a certain purpose. a holiday camp.
3. a military station, barracks etc.
4. a party or side. They belong to different political camps.
(also go camping) to set up, and live in, a tent / tents. We camped on the beach; We go camping every year.
ˈcamper noun
1. a person who goes camping.
2. (especially American) a motor-caravan.
ˈcamping noun
camp bed (American cot)
a light folding bed (not only for camping). The visitor will have to sleep on a camp bed.
camp-fire noun
the fire on which campers cook, and round which they sit in the evening etc.
ˈcampsite noun
a piece of land on which tents may be pitched.


تَخْيِيم kempování camping Camping κάμπινγκ camping telttailu camping kampiranje campeggio キャンプ生活 야영 camping camping biwakowanie camping, campismo проживание в палатке camping การไปค่าย kamping việc đi cắm trại 露营
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