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Noun1.Camponotus - carpenter antsCamponotus - carpenter ants      
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
carpenter ant - ant that nests in decaying wood in which it bores tunnels for depositing eggs
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2 0,59 2 0,80 Camponotus barbaricus 8 2,35 6 2,41 Camponotus sp1 4 1,18 1 0,40 Camponotus sp2 -- -- 1 0,40 Camponotus sp3 1 0,29 1 0,40 Tapinoma nigerrimum 73 21,47 102 40,96 Tapinoma simrothi 5 1,47 -- -- Total 340 100 249 100 ni : numbre of individuals, RA% : Relatives Abundances Table 2: Values of Maximum diversity index Hmax, Shannon Weaver Index (H') and Equitability index (E) Species USTHB BARAKI ni ni Maximum diversity (Hmax) 3.
The researchers arrived at this conclusion by conducting epigenetic experiments on ants from the species Camponotus floridanus (better known as the Florida carpenter ant).
Table 1: Occurrence of pre- colonization pests in hives baited with four different baiting materials Pest abundance 2 Days post installation Baiting Oecophylla Camponotus materials longinoda consobrinus Slum gum 4.
obscurior Camponotus trapezoideus Camponotus melanoticus X Camponotus punctulatus Camponotus blandus X X Camponotus crassus Camponotus pr.
0 g, arranged in a pile; debris (mixture of mineral soil, arthropod parts, cobwebs, and wood shavings) containing both drywood termite workers and fecal pellets; drywood termite workers, soldiers, or alates; subterranean termite workers or alates; workers of two species of carpenter ants, Camponotus spp.
D E S C S N D A N T Oxford English Dictionary E C H E N E I D A E Webster's Second (genus name) S H O R T C O A T S Oxford English Dictionary, see short-coat, 1649 quote C E R B E R U L U S Integrat Taxon Info System, Camponotus cerberulus venturensis E N T E R O M E R E Webster's Second, see entero- N E C R O L A T E R Chambers, se enetero- D I O U M A B A N A National Imagery & Mapping Agency, placename in Guinea A D A L E T A B A T National Imagery & Mapping Agency, placename in Turkey N A T U R E N A M E Oxford English Dictionary, see nature V.
Afflicted Camponotus leonardi ants bite into the vein of a leaf about 25 centimeters off the ground and stay clamped there even after death.
The compact carpenter ant, Camponotus planatus Roger (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), occurs in the Caribbean Region and ranges from Columbia to Texas, and it has been introduced into Florida, Hawaii, and the Galapagos Islands (Creighton 1950, McGlynn 1999, Wetterer and Wetterer 2003).
Foram capturadas formigas distribuidas em dez generos, sendo eles Brachymyrmex, Tapinoma, Wasmania, Pheidole, Camponotus, Linepithema, Monomorium, Dorymyrmex, Solenopsis e Paratrechina (Figura 1).
The ants were undetermined species from the genus Crematogaster (n = 72, 73%) and Camponotus (Mayr 1861) (n = 26, 27%).
Some species of the genus Camponotus are not true carpenter ants, say Hansen (biology, Spokane Falls Community College, Washington) and Klotz (entomology, U.