Labrador duck

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(Zool.) a sea duck (Camtolaimus Labradorius) allied to the eider ducks. It was formerly common on the coast of New England, but is now supposed to be extinct, no specimens having been reported since 1878.

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The book is a collaboration between Australian experts, including the editors, who are doyens of mosquito biology and control Down Under, and New Zealand scientists, government workers, and response teams whose timely engagement was responsible for the eventual purging of the Australian southern salt marsh mosquito Aedes camptorhynchus from their country.
camptorhynchus is recognized as an important epidemic vector of Ross River virus (RRV) in southern Australia, and this fact was hammered home in NZ for public support of 'Killing Campto', RRV was never detected during the establishment of this invasive species in NZ.
camptorhynchus, is low (Tompkins & Slaney 2014).
Ochlerotatus vigilax, Skuse), common banded mosquito (Culex annulirostris, Skuse), and Aedes camptorhynchus syn.
A total of 23,692 mosquitoes were captured in Point Lonsdale during a 25-month period; 96% were Aedes camptorhynchus (Thomson).
camptorhynchus (48%), but all pools were negative for IS2404.
camptorhynchus is a salt marsh species, an aggressive biter, and a major pest in coastal areas of southeastern Australia that has been linked to transmission of Ross River virus.
Spatial and temporal definition of Ochlerotatus (Aedes) camptorhynchus (Thomson) (Diptera: Culicidae) in the Gippsland Lakes system of eastern Victoria.
camptorhynchus (the southern salt-marsh mosquito), was also recently introduced from Australia (43).