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n.1.(Min.) A variety of mimetite or arseniate of lead in hexagonal prisms of a fine orange yellow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The witherite, calcite, fluorite, barite, linarite, barytocalcite and plumbogummite have never been beaten, mimetite from Dry Gill (the variety known as campylite) is unique, and the recent finds of boracite from Boulby mine have set new standards for the species.
Ralph is especially associated with campylite and plumbogummite from the Dry Gill mine, Caldbeck Fells, which was reopened in the 1970s after decades of neglect.
Lead minerals consisting predominantly of phosphate-rich mimetite in barrel-shaped crystals ("campylite") in a gangue of quartz, barite and manganese oxides were deposited in an east-west-trending vein.
aggregated in opake, orange-yellow coloured individuals, which consist each of three hexagonal prisms curved towards their terminations in a manner often beautifully symmetrical." This mate-rial is undoubtedly identical to what Breithaupt formally described and named "campylite" (from the Greek campylos, "barrel") as a new species in 1841.
Although campylite was later discredited as a species (= phosphatian mimetite), the name lingers on among collectors as a useful descriptive term for the characteristic barrel-like habit of mimetite found at the Dry Gill mine.
The eminent mineral chemist Thomas Thomson bought a specimen labeled "vanadiate of lead" from "Caldbeck fell" from this dealer and, upon analyzing it, pronounced it a new mineral: a "native diarseniate of lead." It was almost certainly mimetite van campylite from Dry Gill mine, Caldbeck.
In matrix pieces ranging between 5 and 25 cm across, bright lime-green and yellow-orange hemispheres of curved, tightly intergrown crystals (the "campylite" habit) reaching 1 cm in diameter rest on seams in quartzite, or are implanted on drusy quartz in vugs.
Clinoclase $1 to $50 Campylite [Mimetite] $2.50 to $30