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Noun1.Campylorhynchus - alternative classifications for the cactus wrensCampylorhynchus - alternative classifications for the cactus wrens
bird genus - a genus of birds
cactus wren - large harsh-voiced American wren of arid regions of the United States southwest and Mexico
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Geographic variation and the evolution of song in Mesoamerican Rufous-naped Wrens Campylorhynchus rufinucha.
Karyotypes, new to cytology, are described for seven North American species of wrens (Troglodytidae): Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus (2n = 74), Salpinctes obsoletus (2N = 80), Catherpes mexicanus (2N = 80), Thryothorus ludovicianus (2n = 76), Thryomanes bewickii (2N = 76), Cistothorus platensis (2N = 76), and Cistothorus palustris (2N = 76).
favifrons F1 FG M 0 Psilorhinus morio AIF FG R 62 Cyanocorax yucatanicus AIF FG R 0 Tachvcineta bicolor SI OAS M 12 Stelgidopteryx serripemtis SI OAS R 1 Hirundo rustica SI OAS M 0 Campylorhynchus zonatus FI FG R 0 Cistothorus platensis FI FG R 0 Polioptila caerulea FI FG R 16 P.