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a. A slender, strong but often flexible stem, as of certain bamboos, reeds, or rattans.
b. A plant having such a stem.
c. Such stems or strips of such stems used for wickerwork or baskets.
2. A bamboo (Arundinaria gigantea) native to the southeast United States, having long stiff stems and often forming canebrakes.
3. The stem of a raspberry, blackberry, certain roses, or similar plants.
4. Sugarcane.
5. A stick used as an aid in walking or carried as an accessory.
6. A rod used for flogging.
7. A glass cylinder made of smaller, variously colored glass rods that have been fused together, used in glassmaking.
tr.v. caned, can·ing, canes
1. To make, supply, or repair with flexible woody material.
2. To hit or beat with a rod.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin canna, small reed, from Greek kanna, of Semitic origin; see qnw in Semitic roots.]

can′er n.


(ˈkeɪ nər)

a person who works with cane.
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Food-based business has become an identity of the Indian Muslim well-known to the Malaysians and Roti canai (Indian bread) is part of the food culture of Malaysian society.
They can pick any mouth-watering dish from her menu char kuey teow, chicken rice, rendang, roti canai and mee goreng, all freshly cooked and served hot in traditional Malaysian style.
Cooled by tender coconut water, we took the token picture atop of KL Tower and, before heading back to the hotel, stopped at a Mamak stall (roadside stalls run by Tamil Muslims) for a quick roti canai and sweetened tea called teh tarik.
The speciality at Kumar's stalls is roti canai (pronounced "chennai"), a type of flatbread, made with dough, egg, flour and water.
50 and at Man's clean shack, on the Datai junction, fresh roti canai - a cross between an omelette and pancake - with chicken curry and a drink set me back 40p.
Ingram Micro continued to broaden its mobility services expertise with the acquisition of CANAI Group and Clarity Technology, adding services including retail, carrier and web-based trade-in processes, sustainable recovery, and reuse and recycling of electronic products, reverse logistics, repairs, parts and accessory management and diagnostics and repair avoidance.
Kuala Lumpur, Dec 31 (ANI): Customers at mamak and Indian restaurants in Malaysia will not be asked to pay more for their teh tarik and roti canai as the two associations representing these eateries have given an assurance they will not hike up their prices despite the increased cost of sugar and cooking gas.
2011) investigaram servicos de assinatura de canais a cabo canadense com foco na politica de publicidade.
Certamente, o interesse pelos efeitos dos meios tambem perpassou a obra do autor canadense, mas a centralidade de sua pesquisa foi indubitavelmente voltada para os canais.
Ao contrario, o acesso as praticas de Comunicacao Ambiental e muito restrito, sendo possivel apenas em pequenos grupos e, na maioria das vezes, por canais especializados (especialmente na internet, em razao dos baixos custos de viabilizacao).
Le representant de cette chaine, Jose Canais, indique que ce projet confirme leur interet pour la consolidation de leur presence dans le Bassin mediterraneen.
Desvantagens * Dificuldade para conhecer o mercado externo, visto que os produtos são, geralmente, comprados pelo intermediário e, posteriormente, exportados; * Falta de apoio adequado às vendas; * Decisão de preços feita incorretamente pelo intermediário; * Canais de distribuição deficientes; * Más decisões de composto de marketing, tomadas pelo intermediário, podem destruir a imagem da marca ou o nome da empresa; * Impossibilita a criação de marca própria no mercado externo, pois, geralmente, o intermediário ou o importador colocam sua marca nos produtos.