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Noun1.Canadian dollar - the basic unit of money in Canada; "the Canadian dollar has the image of loon on one side of the coin"
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
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If a holder of Class U Units or Class I Units elects to receive distributions in Canadian dollars, the holder will receive the Canadian dollar equivalent amount of the distribution being paid on the Class U Units or Class I Units, as applicable, based on the U.S./Canadian dollar exchange rate at the time of payment of the distribution.
Also, holders of class I units of the company will receive a distribution of USD0.07125 per unit, unless the unit holder elects to receive the same in Canadian dollars. Holders of units of its subsidiaries that are exchangeable into class U units will receive a distribution of USD0.07125 per unit as well.
The country's exports fell 4.8 percent to 41.0 billion Canadian dollars (32 billion U.S.
"Lebanon is the third most expensive destination for sending 500 Canadian dollars from Canada among 15 countries with available data," it added.
A low Canadian dollar could work in the United Steelworkers' favour as they enter into contract negotiations with Vale in Sudbury, said a Laurentian University commerce professor.
Whatever equivalent taxes are first taken from the Canadian dollar salary before any conversion is made on the remaining amount.
Last week the Canadian dollar dropped below 90 cents US.
Over 38 years before the Chinese Immigration Act, also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act, was enacted, Canada had collected 23 million Canadian dollars in head tax revenues from an estimated 81,000 Chinese immigrants.
In 2002, the dollar climaxed at 4 percent above base in Canadian dollars and 12 percent above in Japanese yen.
The company had sales of 40 million Canadian dollars last year.
Anglo-Swiss Xstrata said the 4.6bn Canadian dollars cash offer (pounds 2.02bn) forms part of its strategy to build its presence in the nickel mining sector.

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