Canal Zone

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Ca·nal Zone

 (kə-năl′) also Pan·a·ma Canal Zone (păn′ə-mä′)
Abbr. CZ
A strip of land, about 16 km (10 mi) wide, across the Isthmus of Panama. Formerly administered by the United States for the operation of the Panama Canal, it was turned over to Panama in 1979.

Canal Zone

(Placename) a former administrative region of the US, on the Isthmus of Panama around the Panama Canal: bordered on each side by the Republic of Panama, into which it was incorporated in 1979. Also called: Panama Canal Zone

Canal′ Zone`

a zone in central Panama, including the Panama Canal: governed by the U.S. 1903–1979; partial control of the zone was returned to Panama, entire control to be returned by 2000; ab. 10 mi. (16 km) wide; excludes the cities of Panama and Colón. Abbr.: CZ, C.Z.
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Noun1.Canal Zone - a zone consisting of a strip of land across the Isthmus of Panama that contains the Panama CanalCanal Zone - a zone consisting of a strip of land across the Isthmus of Panama that contains the Panama Canal
Panama, Republic of Panama - a republic on the Isthmus of Panama; achieved independence from Colombia in 1903
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Several different Axalta coating products, each formulated to meet the needs of different materials, will be used to reinvigorate the largest canal in the world and meet the needs of the many different structures in the Canal Zone that will be repainted during the restoration project.
We will be visiting Cairo and staying at a hotel in Ismailia overlooking Lake Timsa and visiting other places in the Canal Zone.
Egypt's energy infrastructure in the Sinai and Sue Canal Zone necessitates a rapprochement between Cairo and the major Bedouin tribal networks in the North Sea, who were excluded by President Mubarak's development agenda, the inflow of migrants from the Nile Valley and decree rule by military governors.
army facilities in the Canal Zone to Panamanian control by 1999, although the U.
I ORGANISE return visits back to the Egyptian (Suez) Canal Zone where I also served in the 1950s along with thousands of other service personnel.
In the first quarter of 2012, 1,796,000 20 foot long containers passed through the Panama Canal Zone and port, 315,241 more than in 2011, which represents growth of 21%, said the Panama Maritime authority (AMP), reports Prensa.
I ORGANISE return visits to the Egyptian Canal Zone where I also served in the 1950s, along with thousands of other service personnel.
My last overseas tour was as a noncommissioned officer in charge of training for IAAFA at Albrook Air Force Base, Canal Zone.
The author's time in Egypt ended in 1954 when Britain left the Canal Zone on a promise by Nasser to end anti-British agitation over the Canal, a promise on which the dictator soon reneged.
In 1946 the British military moved to the Suez Canal Zone where we had many RAF and Army bases.
I'VE written a book - Suez: The Hidden Truths - which details those turbulent years of the Suez Campaign of the early 1950s, when thousands of troops, many on National Service were sent to defend the canal zone, often facing appalling conditions.
Born and raised in Panama Canal Zone, she was the daughter of the late Stanley and Marion (McLaughlin) Yost.