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The Standedge (pronounced 'stan-idge') Tunnel is in fact, four tunnels: three rail tunnels and one canal tunnel.
Walk to the railings, though, and you can see it is a bridge over the top of the recently-strengthened canal tunnel which links Arena Birmingham with Gas Street basin at waterway level.
A canal tunnel which is now under St David's Centre.
DUDLEY Canal Tunnel and Limestone Mines are inviting visitors to join them on Saturday November 5 to celebrate with a free 30-minute boat trip at their first-ever Festival of Light, supported by the Celebrate programme of the Big Lottery Fund.
A CANAL tunnel was searched as part of a probe into a historic murder investigation.
The longest canal tunnel in the world is France's Rove tunnel between the port of Marseilles and the Rhone river.
And there's a guide to the Blisworth tunnel, just north of Stoke Bruerne, and at 2.8km the ninth-longest canal tunnel in the world.
The restored King Edward statue above the canal tunnel which links the Pier Head with Princes Dock Pictures: HOWARD DAVIES/ hd240708canal-2; The tunnel for the canal takes shape Code: hd240708canal-5; The canal link at the Pier Head Code: hd240708canal-1
In 1794 they'd come up with a daring plan for a tunnel more than three miles long under the Pennines at Standedge - longer than any other canal tunnel. It was set to transport wool, food, fuel and farm fertiliser between the mill towns, carrying many times the loads pack-horses could manage over the bleak moors.
This is Britain's longest and deepest canal tunnel, at 5,209 metres long, and 194m deep underneath the Pennines at its deepest point.
Our normally composed detective is understandably rattled when his wife Joyce is trapped in a collapsed canal tunnel. She emerges safe, but within the rubble they find a pile of old human bones - and one skeleton has modern dental work.