Canandaigua Lake

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Can·an·dai·gua Lake

A glacial lake of west-central New York. One of the Finger Lakes, it is in a popular resort area.
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Noun1.Canandaigua Lake - a glacial lake in central New York; one of the Finger Lakes
Finger Lakes - a geographical area in central New York State that is named for a series of narrow glacial lakes that lie parallel in a north-south direction
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At the time, development of Canandaigua Lake was becoming a much-discussed environmental issue, she recalled.
I grew up on the Finger Lakes in New York and will often return to spend a day on Canandaigua Lake tubing, boating, fishing and relaxing!
While Crolick is seeing fewer mallards overall, others, including Canandaigua Lake Duck Hunters president Paul Niedzielski, continue to enjoy good seasons.
But Don's diary isn't a typical one--it's an angler diary: a place to record information about the trout he catches on Canandaigua Lake. In some years, Don has reported catching more than 200 trout.
Ten of them were Widmer's--all of them named after Canandaigua Lake, including Lake Catawba, Lake Diana, Lake Vergennes and Lake Isabella.
Constellation Brands, in conjunction with the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, Rochester Institute of Technology and Wegmans Food Markets chain, has recently announced plans to open a New York State wine, culinary and agriculture center on the shore of Canandaigua Lake, in spring 2006.