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Plural of pilus.


n, pl -lis
1. (Plants) a burseraceous Philippine tree, Canarium ovatum, with edible seeds resembling almonds
2. (Plants) Also called: pilinut the seed of this tree
[from Tagalog]


pl n, sing pilus (ˈpaɪləs)
(Microbiology) bacteriol short curled hairlike processes on the surface of certain bacteria that are involved in conjugation and the attachment of the bacteria to other cells
[C20: from Latin: hairs]


(ˈpaɪ laɪ)

Biol. pl. of pilus.
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PILI, Camarines Sur - Bicol's pili (Canarium ovatum) industry is expecting a big boost from the growing worldwide demand for the resin extracted from its trunk called Manila elemi.
Branded by the Department of Agriculture 'the tree of hope,' pili (Canarium ovatum) has brought good life and comfort to the family of a former mechanic who pioneered in grafted pili tree growing 29 years ago.
A., "Antiangiogenic Property of Aqueous Extract of Canarium ovatum Leaves in Duck (Anas platyrhynchos) Embryos Using CAM Assay" An Undergraduate Thesis, Bicol University, ALbay, Philippines (2013).