carcinoembryonic antigen

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car·ci·no·em·bry·on·ic antigen

n. Abbr. CEA
A glycoprotein present in fetal gastrointestinal tissue and in the cells or serum of adults having certain cancers. It is used clinically to monitor the effectiveness of a treatment, as for colorectal cancer.
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The second presentation will feature preclinical investigations on the novel fully human antibody targeting the Thomsen-nouveau and the sialyl Tn cancer antigens which are highly overexpressed on ovarian and breast cancer tissues.
We intend to pursue additional collaborations with leading research institutions and others with their novel cancer antigens or technologies suitable for use with our MVA-VLP platform.
The subject of the order is "leasing of apparatus, delivery of reagents, control materials and calibrators and consumables for immunochemical determinations of menstrual hormones, thyroid hormones, cancer antigens and vitamins b12 and ferritin, vitamin d3" in quantities and assortments specified in annex 1 to siwz.
It is the only known cancer immunotherapy agent shown in preclinical studies to both generate cancer fighting T cells directed against cancer antigens and neutralize Tregs and myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) that protect the tumor microenvironment from immunologic attack and contribute to tumor growth.
According to Turnstone, its platform targets tumors using a two-pronged mechanism of action, by functioning both as a tumor-destroying oncolytic agent and as an immune-stimulating vaccine directed at specific cancer antigens.
VALIDATE Tumor Markers evaluates Carcinoembryonic Antigen and Cancer Antigens 15-3, 19-9, and 125 in a human serum-based matrix.
There has been a significant shift towards inhibitors of receptor tyrosine kinases, their ligands and signal transduction proteins, as well as drugs targeted against cancer antigens.
immatics' unique and world-leading technology platform XPRESIDENT discovers novel relevant cancer antigens known to be expressed on tumor cells.
The XPRESIDENT discovery platform is to date the only known high-throughput research technology to directly identify, quantify, and prioritize cancer antigens recognized by T lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) based on the ability of the immune system to detect them.
ImmunoCellular's pipeline also includes ICT-121, a dendritic cell vaccine targeting CD 133, and ICT-140, a dendritic cell vaccine targeting ovarian cancer antigens and cancer stem cells.
The Randox Acusera multi-analyte Liquid Tumour Marker Control covers a total of 15 commonly tested and esoteric cancer antigens and tumor markers.

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