Cancer magister

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Noun1.Cancer magister - small edible crab of Pacific coast of North AmericaCancer magister - small edible crab of Pacific coast of North America
crab - decapod having eyes on short stalks and a broad flattened carapace with a small abdomen folded under the thorax and pincers
genus Cancer, Cancer - type genus of the family Cancridae
Dungeness crab - flesh of Cancer magister (Dungeness crab)
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KEY WORDS: Dungeness crab, Cancer magister, gene flow, isolation by distance, kinship, microsatellites, population structure
S (ridgeback shrimp) O X Oregonia gracilis N X (Graceful S X Decorator Crab) Cancer magister N X X (Dungeness Crab) S X X O X X Cancer spp.
Developmental changes in ionic and osmotic regulation in the Dungeness crab, Cancer magister.
Qualitative observations of Dungeness crabs, Cancer magister, in and around traps: evidence of resource guarding and clustering.
Five years ago, he and a postdoctoral student at the UO's Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston put light traps in Coos Bay to measure the "megalopae" of Cancer magister, Dungeness' Latin name.
This paper describes the results of a series of field experiments and observations that examine the mechanisms underlying recruitment success of juvenile Dungeness crab, Cancer magister Dana, in intertidal oyster shell and mud habitats at various spatial scales.
Although the growth and longevity for the more commercially valuable Dungeness crab Cancer magister (Dana, 1852) (Pauley et al.
Cancer magister, experiences low oxygen levels in estuaries and muddy bays, and encounters episodic hypoxia offshore due to upwelling events along the Pacific west coast (Grantham et at, 2004; Chan et al.
Predation trials were run using five separate predators: (1) zoeae of Cancer magister, (2) megalopae of Cancer magister, (3) adults of Sagitta elegans, (4) adults of Boltenia villosa, and (5) postlarvae of Ammodytes hexapterus.
KEY WORDS: Dungeness crab, Cancer magister, mating, Oregon, fertilization, fishery