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 (kăn-ko͞on′, käng-)
A city of southeast Mexico on the northeast tip of the Yucatán Peninsula. The barrier island just southeast of the city is a popular Caribbean resort.


(Placename) a coastal resort in SE Mexico on the Yucatán Peninsula. Pop: 457 000 (2004 est)


(kænˈkun, kɑŋˈkun)

an island off NE Quintana Roo state, on the Yucatán Peninsula, in SE Mexico: beach resort.
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Noun1.Cancun - a popular island resort off the northeastern tip of the Yucatan peninsula
Quintana Roo - a Mexican state on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula
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Summary: Energy and Mining Minister Chakib Khelil expressed in Cancun (Mexico), Algeria's reserves regarding the policies aiming at "strongly cutting the fossil fuels consumption." "As oil and gas exporting country, we are not comfortable regarding all these policies announced or planned to strongly cut in short terms, the fossil fuel consumption," the minister affirmed during 12th ministerial meeting of International Energy Forum (IEF), held in Cancun.
Gulf United recently completed purchase of a 24% stake in the JV--which will deliver the first gas to Cancun and surrounding areas.
The Cancun International Gay Festival, an annual event offering a plethora of parties and a minicruise in the Caribbean, runs May 10-14.
A YEAR AFTER ONE of the strongest Caribbean hurricanes on record ravaged Mexico's number-one tourist destination, Cancun is reinventing itself.
WHEN LEE KYUNG-HAE, a 56-year-old Korean farmer and former president of the Korean Advanced Farmers Federation, fatally stabbed himself at the WTO meeting in Cancun in 2003, "WTO Kills Farmers!" became not simply a rhetorical rallying cry but a wakeup call to the world about the reality of "free trade."
Cancun Accesible offers a wide variety of services to travelers with disabilities.
Cancun may have been battered by the mother of all tropical storms but she's fighting back.
Wilma inflicted its most severe damage on the resort city of Cancun, but the storm also caused significant destruction in Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, and the Riviera Maya, which includes Playa del Carmen.
We were standing in a semi-circle next to a stone temple at the Ruinas del Rey, Cancun's largest archaeological site, celebrating an age-old custom called the Day of the Dead.