Cane mill

a mill for grinding sugar canes, for the manufacture of sugar.

See also: Cane

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The scheme calls for the construction of a cane mill and a raw and refined sugar plant with an annual production capacity of 126,000 tonnes.
The SHC chief justice is requested to take quick action against the sugar cane mill owners.
We visited a sugar factory based in an old sugar cane mill on the north of the island, before heading to the capital city Port Louis.
In the town of Lagoa da Prata there has been a sugar cane mill since the 1970s, owned by Antonio Luciano, a 'Colonel' and large landowner, known as one of the biggest grileiros (illegal land-grabbers) of Minas Gerais.
Visit the cane mill where sugar cane is ground into juices for making syrup.
I think what we are becoming increasingly interested in is the integration potential between a sugar cane mill and a cellulosic plant," New said.
The town was established in 1830 when William Stafford installed a cane mill and opened a horse-powered cotton gin in the area.
The JV anticipates building a 100,000 MT renewable oil production facility located at a Bunge owned sugar cane mill in Brazil.
BP to expand Brazil cane mill SAO PAULO: BP Biocombustiveis, a unit of oil company BP, said that it will invest 716 million reais ($348 million) to double capacity at Tropical, its Brazilian sugar cane mill in Edeia in Goias state.
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