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 (kăn′ə-lō′nē, kä′nə-)
1. Pasta in large-sized tubes.
2. A dish of such tubes stuffed with meat, vegetables, or cheese and baked in a tomato or cream sauce.

[Italian, pl. of cannellone, tubular soup noodle, from cannello, small tube, diminutive of canna, reed, from Latin; see cane.]


(ˌkænɪˈləʊnɪ) or


pl n
(Cookery) tubular pieces of pasta filled with meat or cheese
[Italian, plural of cannellone, from cannello stalk, from canna cane1]


(ˌkæn lˈoʊ ni)

(used with a sing. or pl. v.) large, tubular pieces of pasta filled usu. with chopped meat and baked in a sauce.
[1835–45; < Italian, pl. of cannellone=cannell(o) tube]
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Noun1.cannelloni - tubular pasta filled with meat or cheese
pasta - a dish that contains pasta as its main ingredient


[ˌkænɪˈləʊnɪ] NPLcanelones mpl
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The companion wants the gnocchi, and of the baked pasta I choose the canneloni but this is off and I settle for the lasagne, a dish in which the companion excels.
My starter of barbecued pork in a cucumber canneloni was so technically well presented it was almost a shame to cut through the long, thin slices of cucumber and into the soft meat underneath, but it was well worth it.
Children are welcome and there's a special children's menu with five dishes to choose from, including a baby pizza, lasagne, canneloni, chicken goujon and spaghetti bolognese.
The over 250 guests were also treated to a 25 to 27-course Indian and continental buffet spread that ranged from the staple Dal Amritsari and Aloo Udhagiri to the lesser known Feta Cheese Canneloni, Beetroot and Orange Salad, Grilled Fish and Grilled Herb Root Vegetables.
Starters vary from crispy caramelised whitebait to saffron glazed locally caught scallops, the main courses range from roasted rack of Cornish lamb to sea bass with baby fennel and canneloni of skate.
The online edition of the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel put the figure about double that, citing European delivery lists that reportedly showed that about 360,000 suspect packages of frozen lasagna and canneloni had been imported.
Sorry Giovanni, but our own cafe quarter is more canneloni than Canaletto.
Then, end your meal with the Green Tea Canneloni with Banana Lemongrass Cream, Almond 'Gelato,' and Goji Lime Sauce or the Frozen Pumpkin Flan with Cinnamon Foam and Mandarin Candy.
Guests were welcomed and invited to join the various Mafia families and we became honorary members of the Canneloni family.
PURABIND[R] PULP is suitable for all tomato sauces used in ready-to-eat pizza, deep frozen pizza, pizza baguettes, filled pastry pockets, as well as in chilled or deep frozen pasta products such as lasagne and canneloni, and in several other products such as bolognese and ratatouille.
Pasta dishes could be ravioli, lasagne or canneloni.
The truffles will be shaved into paper-thin slices and added to a wild mushroom canneloni - one of several Italian-inspired dishes served at this French-inspired restaurant.