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In the New Testament, a village near Nazareth in northern Palestine where Jesus performed his first miracle, changing water into wine.


(Bible) New Testament the town in Galilee, north of Nazareth, where Jesus performed his first miracle by changing water into wine (John 2:1, 11)


(ˈkeɪ nə)

an ancient town in N Israel, in Galilee: scene of Jesus' first miracle. John 2:1, 11.
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I have another book, too, which I shall call 'Metamorphoses, or the Spanish Ovid,' one of rare and original invention, for imitating Ovid in burlesque style, I show in it who the Giralda of Seville and the Angel of the Magdalena were, what the sewer of Vecinguerra at Cordova was, what the bulls of Guisando, the Sierra Morena, the Leganitos and Lavapies fountains at Madrid, not forgetting those of the Piojo, of the Cano Dorado, and of the Priora; and all with their allegories, metaphors, and changes, so that they are amusing, interesting, and instructive, all at once.
Cano Health, LLC operates health care centres and pharmacies in South Florida that specialise in Senior Care and Primary Care for all ages.
Cano had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in October 2015 and underwent a double-mastectomy and removal of her uterus and ovaries.
Some parents surveyed felt that their child's enrollment at CANO helped them accept or keep a job (58%)*.
No hay que olvidar que Ana Maria Aldon es la persona que le ha devuelto la sonrisa a Ortega Cano, pero tambien la madre de su hijo pequeno y con quien se va a casar.
Leoveras and Cano were manning the establishment on Gil Fernando Avenue at 1:25 p.
The combined companies, both located in South Florida, will operate under the Cano Health brand.
Ademas se argumenta en torno al uso de una categoria que pueda dar cuenta del tipo de intelectual que fue Sanin Cano.
Gordon told police he picked up the women in his car while Cano hid in the back seat and overpowered them when they got in.
Wade--Sandra Cano ("Mary Doe") was not nearly as well known, although her case--Doe v.
The Cano Foundation provides alternatives for local underprivileged children, who face daily exposure to drugs, poverty and a lack of educational opportunities.
At this point in my career, I am ready to take a more active role in my endeavors on and off the field," Cano said in a statement.