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(kəˈnoʊ əs)

a city in SE Brazil, N of Pôrto Alegre. 214,000.
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Energy Segment: the highlight of the quarter was TPI's announcement of the sale of Triunfo Rio Verde, Triunfo Rio Canoas and TNE.
For example, in Canoas, Brazil, the installation of surveillance cameras on public streets and weapon detection sensors successfully reduced the homicide rate by almost 50 percent during the last years.
The cages (50 x 50 x 50 cm) were located in a room with settings partly controlled through digital devices (Humitech II; Full Gauge, Canoas, Brazil) and artificial light for 24 hours and equipped with shaped feeders and drinkers and aluminum trays to collect the excrements.
Punta Canoas is located on the west coast of the Baja California Peninsula (Fig.
They're the airports with more movement and a greater possibility of a case arriving," Lopez explained, adding that a similar drill is being scheduled to take place at Paso Canoas, in the south, one of the posts along the border with Panama, some 320 km southwest of San Jose.
Algo similar ocurre en el capitulo dedicado a las canoas, recordando unas "navecillas de un leno" que cita Plinio al hablar de la India oriental, asi como a El Tostado o El Abulense (Alonso de Madrigal), quien ya habia hablado de "unas muy pequenas barcas de un solo madero cavado" que eran las unicas que se sabian hacer en tiempo de Deucalion, "segund la intencion de Ovidio e Virgilio".
CANOAS WAS A FILM I shot for the Sao Paulo Bienal in 2010.
a) Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Genetica e Toxicologia Aplicada (PPGGTA) Universidade Luteranci do Brasil (ULBRA), Canoas, RS, Brazil
In an attempt to rejuvenate the country's economy the manufacturing of the nacelles and the towers of the wind turbines will be produced in Alstom's new facility at Canoas .
Porto Canoas Restaurant, located on the edge of the river close to where it leaps into the gorge, offers a huge, tempting buffet of international and Brazilian dishes.
Como durante la vida de la madre aprendio el oficio, es decir, intervenia en la carga y descarga de las canoas, cobraba los fletes, ajustaba y pagaba a los remeros y hacia frecuentes viajes a Mexico, cuando se encontro sola y huerfana .